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Kids Wooden Puzzles Help Develop Cognitive Skills by Joe Kanooga

This is a very informative article written by a father of two who explains how playing and using wooden puzzles build important cognitive skills in children. He also speaks about building practical skills such as hand-eye coordination. Finally he explains other benefits such as being able to last a long time because they are made of wood.


Maren Schmidt: Centuries of Fun

Maren Schmidt is an expert on children and even started her own Montessori school. In this article, she delivers a passionate plea to get children to turn off their electronics and start planning non electronic games. One of her main arguments is that electronic games to not give the child the ability to think over what happened because when you lose everything restarts without any time for understanding what went on. This is a very professional and articulate article in favor of wooden games.


Violent Video Game Makes More Aggressive Kids  Study Shows By Science Daily


This article, is an in depth description about a study that took place to find a correlation between violence in children and violent video games. The article which was published in March 2010 of the Psychological Bulletin, says that it is now beyond doubt that violent video games encourage violent behavior in children. This article gives a great understanding and even touches on the need for a public policy debate about this.

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