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brain work outsCan You Really Train Your Mind by The Independent

This is an article from a leading UK newspaper discussing the market of products promoting brain training. As of late there has been a huge marketing campaign dealing with videogames as tools to cure the deterioration of the brain and diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The article concludes that these video games really do not help and that using brain games and puzzles are much more effective.

Brain Games’ Can Stave Off Dementia by Boston (WBZ) 

This is a great news article about using brain games to stave off dementia. It talks about the brain game business, medical research and even the costs! Short but great article about brain games such as the ones we sell at Monkey Pod Games.

Brain Games are “your way to ward off the worst” warns Alzheimer’s expert by Head Strong Cognitive Fitness

A short but strong article about the need to use brain games in order to fight off Alzheimer’s. In this article Dr. Sid Gilman, gives his expert advice.

How to Improve Memory Concentration by Methods of Healing

This is a very insightful article about why our brains lose the ability to remember things and what to do about it. What makes this article unique is that it takes the position that memory loss is not due to the brain losing its ability to function.

Increasing the Capacity of Various Regions of the Brain by Advisor

This is an interesting article explaining the best way to exercise our right side of the brain and our left side of the brain. Scientists have established for a long time now that each side of the brain has its specific function and are quite different from each other. This article explains how brain games can be used for left side exercise.

New Program Targets Seniors – North Shore News

A certain neighborhood has gotten federal funding for a program that is aimed at improving the mental state of seniors by providing them with brain exercise programs. An interesting news article to see how communities are working together.

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