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Brain WorkoutBrain Workout Benefits by Rome Neal – A CBS Report 



In this article, CBS news looks at reports that discuss the effectiveness of brain training in the fight against dementia and other degenerative issues that affect the brain as people get older. One result from the study showed that one brain activity a week reduced the risk of dementia by 7 percent! Read Article







Brain GamesBrain Games: Do They Really Work – A Report by

Scientific American


Here the extremely respected Scientific American magazine, tackles the issue of whether brain games really work. They try to find out whether brain games are the real deal or have just become a marketing tool by game companies. The by-line of the article recommends that we take brain games more seriously than we already do. Relying on top clinics such as the Mayo Clinic, this report states its case for brain games in the fight against dementia and Alzheimer's. Read Article






the human brainThe Human Brain by the Franklin Institute


As one can see, the topic about health and the brain comes up a lot, when speaking about our puzzles and games. This link here deals with an in-depth explanation how our brain works. Don’t worry, it is written for people like us who aren’t scientists. However it is still very interesting, has some cool pictures too, and even discussion about the importance of brain games. Read Article






Puzzles and Games for Pre-Schoolers by Alvin Poussaint MD and Susan Linn Ed.D – puzzles for preschoolersA Family Education Report


We have tons of scientific and academic reports on how brain games help the elderly fight off brain diseases so here is a great article for the parents. This article is written by two highly qualified experts on the subject of children and their well being. This article gives us plenty of insight on why puzzles are so beneficial for young children. This article does not just discuss the benefits of puzzles but about board games as well. It is very well written and very informative. A must read for the parents who are thinking about buying a board game or puzzle for their young child. Read Article


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