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Monkey Pod Games: wood close up

One feature that makes our puzzles and games so unique is the material it is made from. Each puzzle is hand made from what is commonly known as the Monkey Pod Tree.  While it has also been called the Saman or Rain tree, its true name is Albizia Saman. It is a tree that belongs to the pea family and is specie of the flowering trees.  Each Monkey Pod Tree grows to around 80 feet high and 30 feet in diameter! These trees have been respected throughout the ages for their enormous size. An amazing fact is how quickly they grow as well, on average 3 to 5 feet a year.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of the Monkey Pod Tree is how its leave fold when it encounters rain. While a beautiful spectacle, the true magic of this is that it helps to bring the water from the tops of the trees way down to the ground where the real feeding goes on. This is probably one reason as to why grass under the Monkey Pod Tree usually stays green throughout the year.

The flower of the Monkey Pod Tree is a beautiful pink. The pods of the Monkey Pod Tree which fall to the ground regularly, are rich in nitrogen which helps keep the soil fertile. It is these pods which are the fruit of the tree. Many farmers plant Monkey Pod Trees in order to enrich the soil that they work on.

While the tree is native to Central and South America, it now can be found throughout the world including Asia. The tree does its best when it is in a tropical climate. The reason it is found throughout the world is due to its many benefits to us humans. First it makes for an amazing wood. It is easy to carve and durable which means that it will crack much less easily. That is why we use it for our puzzles and many companies use it for furniture. However, because it grows so easily, using this type of wood is eco-friendly and its use does not damage the environment it grows in. We at Monkey Pod Games are always planting more trees in order to preserve the nature from which we borrow. There are many other great benefits such as the sweet licorice pulp inside the pod which children love to eat. It is also used as a popular drink in regions where the Monkey Pod Tree grows. There are also many folk remedies surrounding the Monkey Pod Tree not to mention it is a preferable food for livestock.

As much as we love making puzzles here at Monkey Pod Games, we also understand the necessity to be eco friendly and to produce in a sustainable manner. That is why we love contributing to the continuation of the Monkey Pod Tree. By using our puzzles, you get to not only enjoy an amazing puzzle but also get to touch and feel the wood from the magical Monkey Pod Tree.  


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