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The Benefits of Puzzles

The Benefits of Puzzles Offers Fun, Educational Tools for Children Ages 8 and Up


         For fun and excitement for older children, teens and adults, Monkey Pod Games has you covered. Our Brainteaser section provides the perfect way to educate and develop essential cognitive skills while still having fun. The section, which contains categories such as “Math Puzzles” and “Tricky Puzzles,” is designed to stimulate the middle childhood/adolescent mind through mathematical understanding, three-dimensional reasoning, and the development of high-level systemic thinking.  But these wooden puzzles and games are anything but dull: rather, they are stimulating puzzles and games that require patterns of critical thinking. This type of analytic thinking is crucial for the development of higher learning as children mature into adolescents. 

         Recent evidence from psychology suggests that materials that stimulate logical thinking—such as brainteasers, mind-benders and other wooden puzzles—work to facilitate cognitive development.  Instead of learning cognitive skills through tasks that are often tedious and unappealing, puzzles provide a way for kids to have fun while improving their thinking abilities. MonkeyPod Games offers puzzles like “Mission impossible: 3-D cube,” “The Magic Drawer,” and traditional wooden Tangrams and Suduko—all beautifully crafted and highly entertaining.

         In addition, the categories entitled “Interlocking Brain Teasers” and “Pyramids” contain geometrically complex puzzles that look more like sculptures or display pieces than games. These puzzles are often described as “fun as they are frustrating.”  Despite the frustration, these puzzles serve as educational tools, and work to develop visual/spatial skills.  Visual/spatial thinking is correlated with high achievement in the sciences, arts and other areas requiring a high degree of creativity and original thought.

         The geometric and interlocking brain teasers on the Monkey Pod Games website cater not only to those who already show signs of high visual/spatial abilities, but also to those who lack access to the resources that develop visual/spatial skills.  In addition, the “Disentanglement Puzzles” category on the Monkey Pod Games website contains puzzles that require visual-spatial thinking combined with more traditional sequential and ordered thinking strategies.  The category contains an original “Gordian knots” puzzle (the “Gordian Octopus”) as well as the entertaining Tangled Mouse series (“Tangled in Cheese”, “Trapped Mouse”, and “Mouse of the Rings”).  

         Monkey Pod Games is confident that its wide variety of wooden puzzles, games, and brainteasers will assist older children and young adults with the development of critical and analytic thinking abilities. Tools for educational development don’t have to be drudgery. The Monkey Pod Games product line features high-quality items that parents will approve and kids will enjoy—puzzles and games that are both highly entertaining and educationally useful.






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