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Welcome to the Teacher's Corner! Wooden puzzles happen to make great educational tools for the classroom. The wooden puzzle can become an effective tool for the teacher or educator in that it delivers not only fun activity to the classroom but also a great visual and physical aid in understanding different subjects. We provide many wooden puzzles, each one with their own specific use. In addition, school puzzle packages can be purchased with a lesson plan in order to help the teacher integrate the puzzle aid into her classroom agenda.  

Our puzzles have three aims in mind:


·         Educational and Skill building

·         Social  Skills Building

·         Confidence Building


1. Educational and Skill Building


For this aim we have many puzzles that make great games for math class. Many subjects such as algebra and fractions are the main topics of our puzzles.


For example the puzzle The Hanoi Towers is about teaching children the value of using equations. In this puzzle, students have to move disks from one side to the other following a certain set of rules. While it is feasible for three or four discs higher discs become much trickier to do. This applies exponentially. Therefore students are eventually encouraged to abandon the physical process of finding out how many moves it takes to get all the disks from one side to the other and to try and solve it with a set of equations.


Monkey Pod Games: Tangram Puzzle Monkey Pod Games: towers of hanoi puzzle

Another example is our Tangram puzzle. This is one of the more popular math games and is used in classrooms all over the world. The Tangram puzzle is basically 7 different pieces of 7 different shapes. The students then have to piece them together to form different pictures. However this game is not just about making a nice design. It is about understanding how to use fractions but also how to manipulate shapes. Tangrams are becoming more and more an important part of the classroom.


Our puzzles also go beyond just classroom subjects. Our puzzles also aim to build skills that are important to build at the learning stage because they will have a huge impact on the success of the child for the rest of his or her life. These skills involve:


·         Spatial Thinking

·         Improvement of Memorization

·         Logical Thinking

·         Problem Solving Skills

·         Creative Thinking Skills

·         Critical Thinking Skills

·         Hand Brain Coordination Skills

·         Trial and Error Skills

·         Perseverance Skills



It is these tools that will help children succeed throughout their lives as they progress from elementary school to high school to higher education and onwards into their professional lives. To teach just the core subjects without having the skills to come with them, will cause a problem of students having a lot of knowledge but no way to use them in the real world.



2. Social Skills


The uses of wooden puzzles are not just for educational and learning skills but rather also social skills. Our puzzles hope to add to the classroom by adding a "learning by social interaction" aspect to the curriculum. These social skills are equally important as the learning skills are as they teach children at a young age how to interact with others which is probably the most important tool when it comes to both success in the professional and personal life. These skills involve group participation, communication, cooperation, compromise, leadership, and team work.



3. Confidence Building


Finally, our puzzles aim to build confidence among the students who use them. Just as getting a great grade on an exam boosts the morale of the student and encourages he or she to continue to strive, our puzzles aim to do the same. We believe that by using these puzzles, students will feel good about having finished them either in single units or in groups. In addition to feeling good and proud for having completed difficult subjects, with the help of their teachers, they can also learn what skills they used to be successful and therefore become cognizant of the skills they are employing. This then leads to them having self confidence but also self awareness of what they are doing.


In today's world we believe these skills are very important such as separating important information from less important and knowing what to concentrate on. As it is, this is the information age where there is an abundance of information but less and less valuable information among to choose from. To be able to use these skills to survive in life are integral and will be a dividing group among those who succeed and those who don’t.


We understand that teachers and schools are on a tough budget which is why we always offer special school offers and discounts. We recommend contacting us and we can then help you choose puzzles that will be a perfect match for your classroom curriculum. We are always ready to hear from you and always friendly. So please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.





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