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Welcome to Monkey Pod Games the home of sharpening the wits and training the mind! Here you will find a huge variety of wooden brainteasers, puzzles, and family games. On our site you can expect to discover our beautiful hand made puzzles many which were designed and developed specifically by us for our customers. Our games are both fun and educational! On the fun side we have created games that can be used for a great family night and we have developed brainteasers which can be solved by oneself or as a team. Many of our puzzles are also educational which build mathematical awareness as well as social and analytical skills. We hope you enjoy playing with our puzzles as much as we do because sometimes we have to remind ourselves to put them down and get back to work!  

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Pento Chess Puzzle - wooden
Pento Chess Puzzle
A great challenge for those who love wooden puzzles; with just 12 wooden pieces (each consisting of five squares joined edge to edge) you can spend hours and days putting up to 60 high difficulty wooden puzzles together. You might even spend weeks, months or years with all the ...
The Star Puzzle - Wooden brain teaser
The Wooden Star Puzzle
One of our more popular wooden puzzles, this fun games involves having to assemble six identical wooden pieces into the shape of a star. This wooden puzzle is a real brain teaser but looks fabulous once completed. The story of this puzzle begins a long time ago in a small village in India, where a young farmer somehow learned...
Soma Cube 3d Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle
Soma Cube - 3D Wooden Puzzle
The Soma cube is a solid wooden dissection puzzle invented by Piet Hein in 1936 during a lecture on quantum mechanics. Seven wooden pieces made out of unit cubes must be assembled into a 3x3x3 cube. The wooden pieces can also be used to mak ...
Wooden Puppy Puzzle
Wooden Puppy Puzzle
This puppy has a different bark than most dogs! His is wooden! Made from ten identical wooden pieces, this puzzle was created in the famous Japanese Kumiki style of interlocking wooden pieces.
Round Solitaire wooden brain teaser puzzle
Round Solitaire
Rumor has it that his beautiful wooden game was invented somewhere in the prison cells of the Bastille. Made from Monkey Pod wood, this wooden puzzle makes a great one player game. A beautiful wooden solitaire game that constantly challenges.
Tangram Wooden Puzzle
Tangram Puzzle
The famous mathematical game is now available as a wooden puzzle. The Tangram puzzle is made up of seven wooden pieces which are used to form certain designs. Perfect as a gift or for a classroom, this is a wooden luxury in the tangram world. 
Wooden Sudoku Board - New Collection - A Must Have for the Sudoku Fan
Wooden Sudoku Board - New Collection - A Must Have for the Sudoku Fan
A must have in every home and a great gift for every Sudoku fan. Solve any Sudoku puzzle without paper and pencil and constantly erasing by using this wooden board with its included numbered pegs.


Chinese Checkers Wooden Board Game

Large Wooden Chinese Checkers
Sound the gong and prepare for the Far East with this beautiful wooden version of the most exciting and ideal family game. it was originally called "Stern-Halma" upon its invention Germany in 1893 and only renamed Chinese Checkers by an Am ...
Giant Star Puzzle - Extra Large Wooden Brainteaser
Giant Star Puzzle - Extra Large Wooden Brainteaser
Remember the wooden Star Puzzle? Well now it is back bigger and tougher than ever! Test your brain with this tough but very fun wooden brain teaser puzzle. Click more to learn the romantic tale behind this beautiful wooden puzzle.


The Wooden Heart Tangram Puzzle - Over 40 Tangram Puzzles to Solve

The Heart Puzzle - Over 40 Tangram Puzzles to Solve
You'll be in love at first sight. This wooden puzzle is loads of fun and puts a new spin on the wooden tangram game. A precious heart shaped, wooden frame, makes this a perfect accessory to display at home when not in use. This wooden brain-teaser is built for one, but there over 40 different possibilities. ...


9 Rings Towers of Hanoi - wooden brain teaser puzzle

9 Rings Towers of Hanoi
This is truly a wooden brain teaser in every sense of the word. The aim of this wooden game is to bring all the discs from one side of the game to the other without a smaller disc under a larger. A great game for one or to be used in math class to learn equations.
Large Tumbling Tower Game with a Wooden Box - Family game
Large Tumbling Tower Game with a Wooden Box (12 Inch)
Based on the old African building block game, this classic wooden game will be a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Put your architectural skills to the test by building a tower out of the wooden blocks. Break the ice but don't break the tower. A great recreational ...
Giant Asteroid Cube - Extra Large Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle
Giant Asteroid Cube - Extra Large Puzzle
This tricky wooden puzzle cube is named after Ceres, the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt. Test your brain skills with this difficult wooden brain teaser. Whether for yourself or as a gift, this wooden puzzle will bring hours of fun.
9 Pieces Pyramid brain teaser
9 Pieces Pyramid - Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle
Created in the spirit of the Giza pyramid, this beautiful wooden puzzle is not only great fun to use but also looks great on a desk. Made from 9 wooden pieces, this pyramid makes for a great gift and brain teaser. 
Mouse of the Rings brain teaser
Mouse of the Rings Brain Teaser- Free the Mouse
This wooden interlocking puzzle may be the world's most complex mouse trap!  A handsomely crafted and complex system of four wooden rings locks the mouse through its string tail into the trap. You will need to be extra clever to release the mouse from the wooden rings.




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